Borehole water pump prices in Kenya

Borehole water pump prices in Kenya

Borehole water pump prices in Kenya

 Submersible Water Pumps in kenya starts from ksh 9,000 to over ksh 1M depending on quality and brand.

Submersible Water Pump 50m ksh 10,000

Submersible water pump 50m

Max Maxpolar Submersible Waterpump 0.5hp 30m

Are used in these industries: deep well drilling

New 25m Submersible Water Pump

Brand new electric powered
Solar pumping system serves to provide water in remote applications where electrical grid power is either unreliable or unavailable. BLDC solar pump controller can direct use the DC power from PV array, and drive the brushless DC pumps. In sunny days, the pumping system can continuously pump water. There is no need of batteries or other energy storage devices. It’s recommended to pump water to a reservoir for storage.

Functional 5hp Premier Submersible Pump ksh 50,000

Functional 5hp premier submersible pump available

Best Brand 3hp Submersible Water Pump ksh 30,000

Best brand 3hp submersible water pump

Submersible Pump 50hp costs ksh 600,000

Discharge Heads from 2M to 80M

It flows from 50 LPM to 7500 LPM

These can be availed from 1.5 HP to 50 HP Built in automatic on/off/on thermal switches protect the motor Equipped with sacrificial zinc anodes for maximum life in a saline fluid environment as well as an in-built non-return value or water level controller (optional)

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