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A hybrid pump is a combination of both Solar electrical and Hand pumps in one borehole. The advantages of a hybrid pump is that it is versatile, so you are sure to have water supply with or with out electrical power.

waterlink limited has experience in the installation of  submersible water pumping systems. we have experience in water pump installation. We have installed many submersible borehole pump in Kenya

The kind of pumping system and piping installed in your new water borehole will largely depend on the intended use of the borehole water.

The electrical submersible pumps need power from a generator or electrical supply to pump water.

How Much Does a Borehole Pump Installation Cost?

Depending on the type of pump used, how deep the borehole needs to be and how much water is required for extraction, a typical domestic borehole pump installation can cost anywhere around ksh 25 000 and more. However, when utilising your own underground water from your own private supply, apart from the pump, drilling costs and the little bit of electricity used to power your borehole pump, you will notice enormous savings each month. But most importantly, you’ll have water.

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